Introduction :

Globally coal, crude oil, residual oil, gas etc., are fired as fuel in power plants. Combustion of these fossil fuels release  SOx, NOx, CO2, CO, PM, Hg etc., and they need to be addressed.

The residual oil has Vanadium, Sodium and Sulphur and on burning it causes corrosion in boilers, turbines and associated ancillary equipment.

To combat the corrosion and to protect the environment from emissions fuel oil additives are used.

MagCare manufactures and offers a wide range of Fuel Additives used as corrosion inhibitors in residual fuels for applications in Boilers, Gas Turbines and Coal powered Boilers to improve the life of the combustion equipment and to keep the environment clean.

MagCare products are developed and manufactured using the highest quality and safety standards. Ours is an innovative specialty chemical company providing more economical and environmental friendly products for the customers in the Power, Oil Refinery and Marine Industries.

MagCare’s fuel oil additives are applied in :
  • Steam power plants
  • Gas turbines
  • Oil refining
  • Marine boilers

Magnesium in Fuel oil additives combats corrosion. Iron derivatives accelerates combustion. The alternate technology for improving combustion is to fire Water-in-Oil  (WIO) emulsion.

Magcare has complete range of fuel oil additives as described below :
  1. Inorganic MgO or Mg(OH)2 slurries which comprise nano particles. They have large surface area, are highly reactive and consume less. Our MgO based Magcare 30B and Magcare 60C additives are highly reactive and efficient. We also have highly reactive Mg(OH)2 additives in our range.
  2. Our WIO technology improves combustion due to secondary atomization, reduces fouling and keeps environment clean by reducing particulates.
  3. Our range of Gas turbine additives are oil soluble Organo-Metallic Magnesium and inorganic Mg(OH)2 . They inhibit Vanadic corrosion.
  4. Our Organo-Metallic oxidation catalysts reduce soot up to 60% in boilers and down to 50 mg/Nm3 in turbines.
Hot End Neutralization Reaction :

MgO + V2O5 → 3MgO· V2O5

V2O5 and the reactions products of Na with V formed during the combustion are low melting and highly corrosive. Magesium reacts with these corrosive products and form Magnesium Ortho Vanadate which is high melting and non-corrosive. This is soft and friable and can be removed by soot-blowers.

Cold End Neutralization Reaction :

MgO + SO3 → MgSO4

MgO + H2SO4 → MgSO4 + H2O

MgSO4 is a neutral and non-corrosive product.

Benefits Of Employing Magcare Range Of Boiler Fuel Oil Additives :
  • Prevents hot end corrosion due to Vanadium and Sodium and cold end corrosion due to Sulphur.
  • Neutralizes all additional SO3 generated by SCR.
  • Maintains lower boiler conversion rate.
  • Converts all hard and tenacious ash deposits of Vanadium & Sodium eutectics to soft and friable.
  • No “White Effect” and hence no increase in temperature of convective section and consequent Eco-out temperature.
  • Neutralization of all condensing SO3 at the cold end lowers ADP and hence the stack temperature can be reduced to save the fuel.
  • At the back end apart from APH, the additive protects the Ducts and ESP from corrosion.
  • Blue Plume due to SO3 is eliminated.
  • Un-burned carbon can be reduced up to 80% which solves PM emissions and ash disposal problems.
  • No Acid Smut.
  • No frequent boiler outage and undue loss of power.

Clean Sh

Cleanaph Elements

Combustion Improvement Of Heavy Fuel Oil And Vacuum Residue Burning Power Plants

Boilers which require better combustion and substantial particulate reduction have the following treatment options:

  1. Combustion Catalyst
  2. Water-in-Oil Emulsion (WIO)

In the case of WIO Emulsion the secondary atomization facilitates   burning of more unburned carbon reducing it up to 60 – 80 %. The NOx reduction achieved can be up to 15%.

This application solves to greater extent ash disposal problems which has no commercial value. This satisfies the local environmental agency norms in solid waste disposal and Particulate Matter reductions from the stack emissions.

Dual Fuel Additive Treatment :

In the case application of CC or WIO Emulsion, the Vanadium, Sodium and Sulphur present in the oil are to be additionally treated with Magnesium based additive to fight the hot and cold end corrosions.

Advantages Of Wio Combustion Improvement Program :

(Similar results can be achieved with Combustion Catalyst)


(Similar results can be achieved with Combustion Catalyst)

Our WIO Emulsion Additive combustion Improvement Program uses stable, water-in-oil emulsified fuel which provides improved combustion, cleaner operation, and higher efficiency than conventional No. 6 fuel oil and the vacuum residue.

Secondary Atomization:
Emulsified water droplets contained in every atomized fuel droplet rapidly vaporize and expand in the combustion chamber, shattering the oil into many smaller droplets for faster, more complete combustion.

Better Carbon Burnout: 
Smaller fuel droplet size means more complete carbon burnout and lower particulate emissions.

Lower Peak Flame Temperature: 
OurEmulsified Fuel lowers the peak flame temperature which in turn reduces NOX formation.

Less Excess Air Required:  Our Emulsified Fuel can be burned cleanly at lower excess air levels, reducing the formation of SO3, NOX and low melting point vanadium oxides.

More Compact Flame.
A more compact flame increases the gap between the flame envelope and boiler walls, which in combination with high melting point ashes, allows molten ash to solidify before reaching the boiler tubes.

Reduced Slag Deposits:  The more complete combustion provided by our Emulsified Fuel keeps boiler surfaces clean longer, allowing better heat transfer and less maintenance.

The emulsions achieve smaller droplet size by a phenomenon known as “secondary atomization.” When this fuel enters the combustion chamber, it is atomized to approximately 100 micron sized droplets. However, the emulsified water within each drop of oil flashes into steam, exploding the fuel into thousands of smaller droplets. Photomicrograph of dispersed 5-20 um water droplets in fuel oil

NB:Treatment with Combustion Catalyst will give up to 40 – 60% reduction in Unburned Carbon and it does not require an Emulsion Skid.


Gas Turbines burn natural gas, light crude or heavy crude. Metal and ash contained in the crude and residual fuel can cause corrosion, erosion and fouling. Corrosion due to Vanadium is fixed by applying Vanadium inhibitor. Frequently the turbines and compressors are washed offline to remove the ash deposits. This washing is done when rated output and heat rate degradation happens due to fouling.

Ash deposits build-up on the hot gas path airfoils for gas turbines operating with HFO, the turbine efficiency drops due to increase in surface roughness and decreasing nozzle throat areas. This loss of turbine efficiency results in a gradual drop in firing temperature, effectively magnifying the performance loss due to fouling. This necessitates maintaining the control of firing temperature.

Problem due to Vanadium corrosion is fixed by applying Magnesium based Organic fuel oil additives mostly Sulphonates and Carboxylates. Country like Iraq is applying Magnesium Hydroxide successfully. Sulphonates and Carboxylates are expensive and the Hydroxide is competitive in terms of performance and price. Saudi Arabia and other countries use either or both the Sulphonates and the Carboxylates as their preferred additives.

Gas Turbines use oxidation catalyst to reduce Particulate Matter.

As explained, Magcare has all the capabilities to supply and monitor the gas turbine fuel treatment with the following metal additives according to the customer preference.

  • Magnesium Sulphoantes
  • Magnesium Carboxylates
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Magcare Oxidation Catalyst (proprietary)

Our Magcare Gas Turbine Oxidation Catalyst can reduce the Particulate Matter to the World Bank guide line of level of 50 mg/Nm3.

Magcare Advantages :
  • High quality products.
  • Locally availability.
  • Good ROI.
  • Dedicated team of engineers and technicians headed by a combustion specialist who worked in boilers and turbines for 20 years abroad.
  • Availability of our Qualified and experienced technical team at the customers’ site on 24×7 basis, to follow-up, to provide training if any required and to coordinate with our valued power plant personnel.
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Magcare has started manufacturing boiler fuel oil additives for oil fired boilers in the year. It has a world class manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India and a blending facility in Dubai.

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